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Quick 6 w. MindBonics

Though the music game is heavily male dominated, it seems as if the women are becoming the big muscle in this industry. More and more I see female entrepreneurs creating websites and companies catering to music as well as taking on important roles to an artist’s career by becoming managers, public relations & more. Check out our latest exclusive Quick 6 with the brains behind independent music site, Crystal shares with us what drove her to start MindBonics, the advantages & disadvantages of being a female in this industry and what artist she feels will be making lots noise this 2013.


1. How would you describe MindBonics to someone to someone who isn’t hip yet?
MindBonics is now an independent music site, but I also dabble in videography, photography, single/album artwork, and artist development.

2. What drove you to start MindBonics?
Back in 2006 MindBonics use to be my personal blog where I shared my poetry, thoughts, and so on. I had a nice following, but then the blog circuit died down due to Twitter. I then started working for a music site where I became president. At that time I created and conducted all video interviews, and ran the indie music department. But due to creative differences we parted ways and I wanted to continue to have a platform for independent artists. So I revamped my old blog and turned it into a music site.

3. As a female in this male dominated industry, what would you say are your advantages and disadvantages?
Being a female in this industry is not easy at all. I would say the some of the disadvantages are, you’re prejudged, not taken seriously, you have to be twice as cautious about your actions (you definitely can’t do what the men do), and you have to work 4x as hard (but I love a challenge). The advantages come after you put the work in and build relationships. When people know you’re about your business, things tend to run more smoothly.

4. What is the one thing that you enjoy the most about what you do?
Helping people. That’s where the artist development comes in. If I come across an artist that is super talented and doesn’t have the proper direction or platform to showcase their art, I do whatever is in my power to help them grow as an artist.

5. Name 5 up & coming artist you have your chips on for 2013.
Kris Kasanova, Problem, Go Dreamer, Lotta, and Atlanta collective Two9. They are all different but they are all dope, and their work ethic is crazy.

6. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned this far?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to remember to take care of myself. This industry is very demanding and fast paced. I use to put others before me, and it took a toll on me. People will also work you like crazy, then when it’s all done, they will try to discredit you. So never forget to take care of yourself in all aspects (business and personal).

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